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MILK is often presented in stories as a magical substance that can give youth, health, and even life itself.
Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, bathed in donkey’s milk to stay youthful looking.
People of Western Europe put out saucers of milk for the house spirits to drink, protecting the house from bad spirits.
Milk sugar, milk fat, and milk protein are the 3 substances found in no other food but milk.
Cow's milk is mostly water - 87% - so it quenches your thirst. The other 13% is made up of 55 essential nutrients.


A typical full grown Holstein cow weighs about 1,400 pounds and produces 60 pounds of milk per day.
One day's production is 2.6 pounds of butter, or 7 gallons of milk, or 6 pounds of cheese.
A dairy cow consumes 35 gallons of water, 20 pounds of grain and concentrated feed, and 35 pounds of hay or silage (a mixture of corn and grass) in just one day.
Okay, now that you know how many pounds of milk a cow produces in one day, and how many gallons of milk a cow produces in one day, can you figure out how much a gallon of milk weighs?

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For lots of interesting and fun facts about cows, milk, ice cream, and dairies, go to the USDA website Kids Corner. You might learn the answers to some of the questions there!