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Organized in 1950, Allied Milk Producers' Cooperative, Inc. is a non-profit group formed to promote the use of dairy products through creative educational programs and multimedia venues.

More than 900 dairy farmers in twenty-nine Pennsylvania counties, Maryland, and Virginia financially support the program to promote the use of their products. The AMPC is directed by a Central Board, and a number of assistants.

The Mission of the Allied Milk Producers' Cooperative

is to teach people of all ages the need to enhance and preserve their nutritional health through the consumption of vitamins and minerals from the five food groups, with emphasis on three daily servings from the milk group.dorothyteaching

To achieve this mission we will:

  • Build a program to promote and advertise the necessity of a calcium-rich diet.

  • Be keen on investing our resources in projects that portray the benefits of healthy eating.

  • Aim for the attention of all age groups, and inspire them to be examples of this mission every day.

  • Use all media and informational avenues to impact our message on consumers.



Paige Friedline, Business Manager
Eva Strang, Education Coordinator

Allied Milk Producers
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Johnstown, PA 15904-3307

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